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Paasch & Reed

Visionary Strategies

for an evolving technology market

Paasch & Reed is a technology consulting firm, specializing in adult, corporate, k-12 and and higher education. With more than 20 years industry experience, our team of professionals are highly adept at synchronizing the right strategies with the right audience for maximum results. We show you how to increase profitability and deliver results that will prepare you for your next sales cycle or client acquisition strategy. We develop strategies for our clients that drive their success today and prepare them for the ever-changing technology market in education.

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We specialize in online educational technology learning software, specifically for higher education. 

A proven, adaptable, and personalized process is at the core of every client project we undertake. We've designed a solid foundation that is then customized for your specific goals and product.

We know getting it right the first time is critical when it comes to developing your market and launching your product or technology. Contact us today so we can get started! 

"Michelle Bradin and the Paasch & Reed team are consummate professionals. Michelle's outreach to our customers was enthusiastic, informed, and timely. Overall, she has a unique ability to form a lasting connection with our users & prospects. She not only surfaced customer needs & showed how our solutions could work for them, but also took things two steps further: closing the loop with our customers through streamlined handoffs, and providing detailed & actionable follow-up to our product team. Her thorough notes and synthesized reports allowed us to effectively continue the conversations with our customers & prospects, to improve our products, and to identify & resolve gaps in our market roadmap. Michelle delivers results across the board, and I highly recommend her services."


Rebecca Olson

Executive Brand Manager

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