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Our Process

Many factors make success and profitability in the marketplace a moving target. World events, Wall Street news, consumer confidence, new technologies, and emerging competitors are just a few of the elements you must always monitor to keep your product strategy strong.  Paasch & Reed thrives in this competitive and shifting landscape.  Our depth of professional experience and ability to adapt to the changing seas of the market allows us to always keep our clients moving forward productively and profitably.

Pre-Product Launch-Identify customer views and product needs, evaluate your product ideas versus consumer needs and wants, deliver perceived product features, articulate specific product features deemed crucial for a successful launch, research, collect and deliver competitive pricing strategy. 


Discovery Phase


Idea Screening


Features/ Specification








Post Market Evaluation

  • Ascertain your company or brand’s specific objectives and needs.


  • Define wider strategic business goals and initiatives.


  • Identify challenges within the business and potential barriers to project implementation.

  • Evaluate your innovative product ideas, strategies and marketing trends.


  • Screen criteria used to determine compatibility with overall business objectives.


  • Determine potential for viable return on investment.


  • Phase out any criteria that does not meet your needs.

  • Educate you on the difference between product features and product specifications


  • Conduct market research and define product features that describe the product from the end user perspective.


  • Articulate product specifications that describe product features related to technology.


  • Convert product features into product specifications.


  • Develop the content while consistently working with SME’s to keep them on track.


  • Send out mini pilots to keep a pulse on market feedback.

  • Collect and present all the information you need to fine tune your product.


  • Aggregate and analyze those results for you.

  • Get your target market ready, primed and prepared for your product.


  • Assist with the campaigns, offer structured first trials and work with your clients on implementation.


  • Partner with you to insure a smooth delivery out of the gate.

  • Analyze all the data and see how your customers are responding.


  • Ask what’s working, what’s not?


  • Deliver those details to you in one easy, readable, document that you can reference anytime.

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